Saturday, March 17, 2007

welcome! bored? well you have come to the right place here you will find everything free and great about the internet. whether its movies, music, tv, porn or games etc. you will find the cream of the crop here.

Disclaimer:these are only links i do not host or profit from anything on this site.

updated constantly.


Tons of television shows about 90% of the links work. one of my favorite sites

seasons constantly updated if you missed it sunday it will be up monday enjoy! (hosted site)

popular links: 1000's more listed on link above

24 -


chapelle's show -

entourage -

heroes -

mythbusters -

family guy -

south park -

1000's more links at hosted site

sweet shirts i found online check em out pretty funny WWW.DEVILTHREADS.COM


super sweet website tons of free movies. dont know how long will be up so enjoy while it last hosted site

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ghost rider -

music and lyrics -

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spiderman 3 -

tons more at hosted site

havent checked site but seems legit. same guys that host tv show site.


the best games on the internet if your addicted to point and click games like me

then this is for you, walkthroughs and tons more games found here too.


both sites contain funny artices the quote unquote entertainment websites

i find outdated and boring hence the fact their not listed here but these

sites are very funny and work safe.


pretty much download anything with this music, games etc. or so ive heard.

kind of old.


use top program azureus with bottom link. instead of downloading individual songs

download whole discography. ie: every cd from any artist.

azureus -

(comment if this link doesnt work search google for it)


awesome crack search engine pretty clean. if you dont know what cracks are

then skip past this.


free porn links. short clips but tons of hot girls - pamela anderson/tommy lee sex tape

free porn dvd trial

make $$$:

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work at home job. set your own payout.i have personally tried it works great.

however the only way to become a host is to get invited by another guide

but lucky for you i have found a site where you can get an invite

search through forum thread for chacha. will put link up here when i get a chance.


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help me help you, email me links and cool stuff you found online here

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